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Meet HHD, Habbo Help Desk, by Bikerbabe3 from www.habbo.com! The helpdesk has been a great partner for HabboHelpers.com Since the partnership, they working together for a better and safer place at the hotel.

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HHD - History

Habbo Help Desk: HHD

Our motto: Helping Habbo's Daily.

Our History:

Habbo Help Desk was created on the 10th of November 2003 by bikerbabe3.

The creator and founder Bikerbabe3 began her Habbo journey in 2002 and quickly found her passion to want to help others, embarking on various helpers programmes including Habbo eXperts. Bikerbabe3 wanted to utilize the need for a help desk to help the wider community on the .co.uk hotel which sparked the need for the Habbo Help Desk.

Habbo Help Desk grew extremely quickly within the first 6 months as HHD was one of the very few Help Desks available in the hotel at the time, this helped shape helpers who wanted to progress within Habbo by joining future programmes such as Habbo eXperts - Guides - to present; Guardians.

In later years Habbo Help Desk was involved in a merge with 'Safe Habbo' owned by previous Habbo eXpert and Ambassador the lovely; Killian. Ran successfully for around a year until both help desks parted mutually so they could both continue to grow in different directions.

In recent years we've come up with a motto, with help from one of our longstanding members of the management team Twerps - Helping Habbo's Daily. This was very fitting for the type of volunteer work we do within Habbo so it slotted in with our ethos quite quickly.

At current, we have partnered with HabboHelpers fansite who have an extreme passion for helping Habbo's globally, and Habbo Help Desk is used as their helping hub, which we are honoured by. This partnership hopes to bring back a great impact on getting more people involved in helping in and outside of Habbo.

Our Help Desk strongly believes in giving back to the community and staff members, where loyalty and hard work is served, bikerbabe3 occasionally gives a gift in appreciation. In regards to community events Habbo Help Desk embarks on, annual Christmas parties, Free Furni for all Christmas Grotto, Secret Santa, Birthday parties, Easter events and so much more.

Habbo Help Desk is an extremely friendly and welcoming desk for helpers who just want to start out on their helping journey, to those expert and true golden oldies who want to commit a little time giving back to the community, it's perfect for anyone! Habbo Help Desk has seen a few of its members flourish and being accepted into the Ambassador Programme, this is something we are so honoured to see and grateful they committed some-time within the desk prior to their new roles.

Habbo Help Desk wouldn't be such as a success as it is now without the longstanding management members we have: Twerps, Mark9087, Emaginary, .:RC-Boy:.. and our newest management member: SafetyPixie. So a massive thank you to those guys for continuing on our success, as well as all our amazing helpers who take time out of their day to give back to the community

History of HHD

Write by; Bikerbabe3