About HabboHelpers.com

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So what exactly is Habbohelpers? 

HabboHelpers.com is a dedicated global fansite which is mainly focussed on helping (new) users on their path in Habbo Hotel, but that is just one of our tasks. We also trying to represent the official programme Habbo Helpers in which everyone can become a


Habbo Helper. Besides that, we want to prevent the users from becoming a victim of hijacking, bullying, sexism and anything else in the world of Cyber. In other words, we are giving as many tips/tricks about Security & Safety matters inside Habbo Hotel, this makes a Habbo a helper, welcome to the world of Habbo Helpers.

What makes HabboHelpers different from other fansites?

What we basically see, is that other dedicated fansites mainly focussing on the news of their local hotel. Here at the HabboHelpers HQ, we aren't.

Is HabboHelpers fansite officially a Habbo sulake/staff project?

No, we aren't. Although that would be awesome.

Did you know, you can also read additional information about us on the Habbox wiki page